Aria – Student Game Download

Aria is a beautiful and tranquil third person exploration adventure where you swim and fly through surreal environments within your imagination.

Created by a group of students from the Media Design School in New Zealand, Aria is a narrative-driven exploration adventure set within large and serene imaginary worlds. In the game you take on the role of a young girl called Aria, who has been struck by a recent tragedy and now seeks refuge in her imagination. This imaginary world is now corrupted though, as its guardian mother has been taken. You now need to go in search of the other guardian mothers and find a way to set things right.

Gameplay-wise, Aria feels a little like a blend of Journey and ABZÛ, with you swimming through water and gliding through the air in some very tranquil lookin environments. You can explore at your own pace as you meet other characters, solve puzzles and search for the guardian mothers.

It can sometimes get a little confusing as to where you’re supposed to go or where you’re supposed to go, but other than that Aria is a wonderful adventure. The audio and visual design is superb and it’s a real delight to swoop and swim through its imaginary environments. A magical little adventure.

Download Aria Here (Windows)