Arken – Alpha Download

Arken is a The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past-esque retro top-down action RPG adventure where each time you start a new game you’ll play in an entirely new procedurally generated world.

The core gameplay of Arken most resembles A Link to the Past, with you able to explore a large open world, talk to NPC’s, collect loot, battle enemies, solve puzzles, discover secrets and conquer dungeons. However, as every world you play in is procedurally generated then each time you play it’s a new adventure.

As the game worlds of Arken are procedurally generated then the game does feel a little less authored than the likes of A Link to the Past. This can lead to you roaming around, unsure of where you’re supposed to go, but it also means you’re never quite sure what to expect next. The action RPG gameplay is solid, with a nice selection of items to find, enemies to battle and secrets to discover. A fun retro action RPG full of random adventures.

Download the Arken Alpha Here (Windows)