ARKOS 2 – Beta Demo

ARKOS 2 is a fantasy first person shooter that draws inspiration from 90’s classics and features destructible voxel-based environments.

A sequel to the excellent ARKOS, ARKOS 2 is a voxel-based FPS that draws inspiration from Heretic, Hexen and Catacomb 3D. It puts you in the shoes of the wizard Arkos, who must set out to save the land from the monsters that have invaded it.

The gameplay in ARKOS 2 is pretty similar to the original, but with a significant graphical upgrade and some fun new tricks up its sleeve. There are three levels and four different magical staffs to try out in the demo. The levels are fairly short, but well crafted and have some clever design elements that make great use of the destructible environment. It’s a lot of fun and the voxel-based visuals make for a very unique FPS experience (plus it looks cool when you blast enemies!)

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The ARKOS 2 Beta Demo Here (Steam)