ARKOS – Beta Demo

ARKOS is a fun new fantasy first person shooter that plays like a voxel-based version of Hexen, as you blast your way through destructible levels, in search of a powerful weapon at the heart of an ancient castle.

Drawing inspiration from Heretic, Hexen and Catacomb3D, ARKOS is an old school fantasy FPS built with destructible voxels. In the game you take on the role of a white wizard called Arkos, who goes in search of a powerful weapon that belonged to his teacher who disappeared without a trace many years ago.

As you make your way through the levels you’ll not only have to battle enemies and big bosses, but you’ll also have to deal with environmental hazards, such as rising lava. Thankfully you have some useful weapons to aid your fight, including one that allows you to teleport to wherever you shoot a projectile.

The ARKOS demo build features three levels and each one switches up the gameplay in some fun ways throughout (such as the lava resing in the second level). The voxel based visuals work well and although it’s only some parts of levels that are destructible, it’s still very satisfying watching stuff crumble. A retro fantasy FPS with lots of lovely voxel based destruction and some clever new ideas.

Download The ARKOS Beta Demo Here (Steam)