Arksync – Beta Demo

Arksync is a pixel art Sci-Fi side-scrolling twin-stick shooter adventure where an assault robot attempts to help a toy bear return home.

In Arksync you are an assault robot who was left for scrap and was subsequently found and repaired by a sentient toy bear. The bear now needs your help to access restricted areas of the moon you’re on and find a way to return home. It’s not going to be easy and it’s going to involve lots of shooting!

The control style in Arksync is similar to the PC classic Abuse, with you using the keyboard to move and the mouse to aim. You have an arsenal of powerful weapons at your disposal and you’re pretty agile, but the gameplay still feels a little more tactical than a regular Abuse style shooter.

At times the weapon system and controls do feel a little clunky and overcomplicated, but it’s a promising game nonetheless. The visuals are very impressive, the twin-stick combat is fun and the teddy is an entertaining hang. See if you can help your furry little buddy out!

Download The Arksync Beta Demo Here (Steam)