Armajet – Open Beta

Armajet is a fast paced multiplayer 2.5D combat game that allows you to jump into highly mobile jetpack suits and do battle in 4v4 team based arena warfare.

First featured on Alpha Beta Gamer last year during the closed Beta phase, Armajet delivers a slick and stylish 2.5D arena combat experience. It features fast paced arena combat that sees you attempting to outmaneuver and outgun your opponents during its brief 4 minute rounds. Armajet has customizable loadouts, with a CoD-esque progression system that has perks, suits and over 700 weapon modifications to unlock, and it also supports cross platform play between iOS, Android and PC.

It’s a great game, with easily accessible multiplayer combat, responsive controls and a deep progression system that deals out a steady stream of unlockables. Fast and fun aerial combat well worth blasting off with.

Download The Armajet Beta Here (Steam)