Armed to the Gears – Prototype Download


Armed to the Gears is a very cool blend of badass mechs, isometric twin stick combat and tower defense as you hack infantry class robots and attempt to fight back against the machines that have enslaved humanity.

In Armed to the Gears you control big mech style robots that are armed with plazma rifles and rockets, and can also place turrets and call in air support anywhere on the map. There are reactors that are scattered around the map which are vital to your success. You need to capture all of the reactors to win, and each captured reactor grants you Energy Points that can be used to purchase turrets. Although you will be on the offensive, battling for new reactors, it’s wise to set up some turrets around the ones you’ve already secured – if you lose all your reactors and die then you will have nowhere left to respawn and it’ll be game over.

Armed to the Gears is still early in development, but it shows great promise. It’s a challenging game, that blends spectacle-filled mech-blasting action with some real strategy as you attempt to balance attacking and defense. A great bit of tactical twin stick shooting tower defense.

Download The Armed to the Gears Prototype Here (Windows)