Armortale – Alpha Demo

Armortale is a charming Wonder Boy-esque retro action platforming adventure where you switch between different outfits on-the-fly to tackle different obstacles, hazards and enemies as you attempt to stop a bunch of baby demon foxes from terrorizing the kingdom.

In Armortale you take on the role of a young man who is the descendant of a legendary hero once saved the kingdom from hordes of monsters and baby demon foxes. He sealed them all in a tower and trapped them there forever – or so everyone thought. It seems some of them have managed to escape and they’re now back to their old tricks. It’s up to you to gather your grandfather’s four mystical armor sets and send those foxes back where they belong.

The action platforming gameplay and visual design of Armortale feels fondly reminiscent of the Wonder Boy/Monster Boy games. You can jump, attack and collect power-ups, but your most useful attribute is being able to switch between different mythical armor sets on-the-fly. Each set is imbued with different abilities and weapons – such as the heavy set that’s immune to spikes or the hunter set that allows you to climb across ceilings.

The current Alpha demo build of Armortale features two large levels and three smaller areas to visit, two of the mythical armor sets and a few big bosses to battle. It’s great fun and really feels like a classic 16-bit action platforming romp. The retro pixel art visuals are full of vibrant colors and the bosses look particularly impressive. The armor switching gameplay is a great touch and really makes you think about the best way to tackle each situation you come across through the levels. A great little slice old school action platforming well worth checking out.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Armortale Alpha Demo Here (Windows)