Armoured Onslaught – Beta Download

Armoured Onslaught features an action packed and carnage filled fusion of twin-stick mech combat and tower defence with plenty of strategic depth and a whole lot of destruction!

In Armoured Onslaught you control a powerful ED-209-esque mech that is equipped with a heavy machine gun, a beam rifle and a static shock gun. Your mech is powerful, though not strong enough to fend off enemy attacks on your reactor on it’s own, but thankfully you can build and upgrade a variety of turrets to aid your cause.

The current build of Armoured Onslaught features seven levels of tower defense twin-stick mech shooter carnage, with each level offering a real challenge to the player. Things escalate very quickly in each level, with you quickly becoming overwhelmed if you make mistakes. Success requires strategic turret placement and good prioritisation of which targets for your mech to attack during the heat of battle. When you do have a good defensive perimeter set up around your reactor then the amount of carnage on screen during the later waves can be glorious – with the screen filling with fire, explosions and debris of your fallen enemy vehicles.

It’s an intense experience and each level in Armoured Onslaught feels like a real mission, rather than just a map with waves of enemies attacking in it. This is thanks largely to the way your commander chats to you throughout, giving you intel on incoming attacks and the way special units will occasionally attack too (and there are even boss levels).

Even in these early stages of development Armoured Onslaught is a joy to play. Tower defense games are usually quite slow paced and sedate, but Armoured Onslaught feels like the polar opposite, with incredibly intense battles where the carnage is turned up to eleven. Tower defense on steroids.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Armoured Onslaught Beta Here