Army Of Pixels – Beta Download

Army of Pixels

Army of Pixels is a charming and addictive blend of tower defense and strategy in which you purchase and place units then send them into battle, attempting to lay waste to your opponents units and towers and claim victory.

The lane based nature draws some favourable comparisons to Plants vs Zombies, but Army of Pixels is far more offence orientated.  You start each level with a small amount of cash which you can use to purchase units.  These units have their own attributes which will aid your battle, from devastating attacks to allowing you to earn extra cash.

Once you’ve placed your units you start the round and watch how they do on the battlefield, with you also able to unleash special attacks using mana harvested during battle.  You can place more and more units each round, with the victor being crowned once ten of their units have passed into the opponents base.  Winning a match will grant you rubies which can be used to unlock more sections of the map (may not work in current PC build) or purchase new factions to play as.

The dev plans to add a lot more features to the game with an aim of adding a bit more variety in the missions played across the world map.  But even in the Beta, Army of Pixels impresses with its excellent pixel art animation, variety in units and addictive core gameplay.  Super fun lane-based strategic warfare.

Download Army of Pixels HERE (Windows)