Arrow and Zary – Game Jam Build

Arrow and Zary is an emotional little narrative driven action platforming adventure about a young boy on an adventure with his pet dog.

In Arrow and Zary you take control of a young boy called Jack who is exploring a stylish isometric fantasy world with his beloved pet dog, Zary. Jack can fire magical arrows to fight the monsters there and Zary has a handy ability to grow big enough for you to bounce on him, allowing you to reach higher ledges.

Taking around five minutes to play through, the action platforming gameplay in Arrow and Zary is fairly basic, but it’s the narrative and visual style that really impress (particularly as it was created within the time restraints of a game jam). A charming and heartfelt little adventure about the bond between a boy and his dog.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Arrow and Zary Here (Windows)