Art Games At SAIC: A Retrospective – Student Project Download

Art Games At SAIC A Retrospective

Art Games At SAIC: A Retrospective is an impressive virtual museum full of surreal, strange and beautiful artwork, virtual sculptures and interactive exhibits.

Created by students of the 2015 SAIC Art Game class, Art Games At SAIC: A Retrospective houses all the work they did over the semester in one interactive virtual environment.  As you explore the museum, you’re never sure what’s coming next, with surprising and spectacular art forms in every room – from massive dancing babies, to a squadron of origami swans.  These virtual artworks draw contemplation, analysis, interactivity and real enjoyment as you experience art forms that couldn’t be done in any other form of media.

Art Games At SAIC: A Retrospective really is a fantastic way to showcase virtual artwork that we’d love to see more of in the future.  The ‘are games art?’ argument feels absolutely futile now.  Bursting with creativity, visual spectacle, intelligent design, unique artwork and interactivity – this is the art museum of the future.

Download Art Games At SAIC: A Retrospective HERE (Windows & Mac)