[ARTHAUS] – Game Jam Build

[ARTHAUS] is a fun little experience that allows you to enter abstract dreamworlds and create 3D art installations to display in a virtual gallery!

Created for the 2019 Spring #UE4Jam, [ARTHAUS] is a wonderfully weird art creation game that transports you to eight unique abstract worlds and tasks you with creating differently themed art installations in them. Each world is differently themed (from a snowy wonderland to a dinosaur wasteland) and contains a variety of different objects that you can pick up and place on a large round pedestal to craft your installation.

Creating your art installations is easy – you just grab, rotate and place any object where you want it to go. Some worlds will even allow you to modify the size or color of the object. Once you’re happy with your creation then you simply press ‘E’ while standing in front of it to transport you and your installation back to the virtual gallery hubworld, where you can admire it and access other worlds.

It’s a great little creative experience that allows you to quickly knock up some surprisingly good looking installations as you work with the limited objects found within each abstract world. See what you can create in the beautiful worlds of [ARTHAUS].

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download [ARTHAUS] Here (Windows)