Artillery Globe – Open Beta

Artillery Globe is a hex-grid based real-time strategy game that features intense tactical 1v1 battles between two civilizations vying for dominance on resource-rich planetoids.

Playable in 1v1 online multiplayer, the goal of Artillery Globe is to conquer the planet. Players start the match with their bases at opposite sides of a globe and must attempt to build their empire while crushing their opponent’s. Matches unfold in real-time, with you harvesting resources, researching new technology and building a variety of surveillance, defense and attack buildings/units. You can use strategically timed attacks to try and wear down your opponent, whilst also using resources you earn to build powerful doomsday weapons to obliterate them.

It’s a novel take on the RTS genre, with easily accessible tactical warfare and a great visual style. The spherical design of the maps makes for a real spectacle as your empire builds up and war rages on a planetary scale. The Beta will be live until Jan 28th, so check it out now for some real-time planetary warfare.

Check Out Artillery Globe On Steam Here

Download The Artillery Globe Beta Here (Windows)