ASCIIDENT is a very stylish new open world Sci-Fi survival adventure where all of the visuals are created from ASCII text.

Currently in development by Lithuanian developer Andrey Fomin, ASCIIDENT is an ASCII based open world survival adventure that tells the tale of a human clone who escapes from space pirates and crash lands his ship on a strange asteroid. The asteroid was colonized millennia ago to harvest the valuable crystals within it, but it’s now been partially abandoned, with only a few people left behind and plenty of weird alien life.

The current demo build of ASCIIDENT gives you 10 minutes to explore the mysterious asteroid. You can chat to various NPCs, fight alien creatures, gather resources, complete mini-quests and craft useful equipment. You can go wherever you like (though you may die if you’re under-equipped) and there’s a lot to discover so it’s worth playing a few times.

The first thing that strikes you about ASCIIDENT is undoubtedly the beautiful ASCII visual style, but it’s much more than just a pretty face. It’s a fascinating place to explore and there’s always something new to discover (and new ways to die). It’s a joy exploring the world and it’s amazing how much detail can be created in it’s gorgeous retro ASCII visuals. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Play The ASCIIDENT Tech Demo Here (Browser)