Ash Pines – Prototype Download

Ash Pines is a creepy pixel art horror adventure where you solve puzzles and avoid monsters in a creepy run-down motel.

In Ash Pines you follow the adventure of Mark Sullivan, a young man who has lost someone very important to him and has received a mysterious letter that hints about her whereabouts. This lead has taken him to a run-down old motel in his childhood town of Ash Pines. He hopes to meet the person who wrote the letter there, but there’s a good chance he’ll run into a few nasty surprises too.

The gameplay in Ash Pines is much like a survival horror game, but without the combat. As you explore you’ll discover notes, solve puzzles and collect, use and combine useful objects. If you do come across the monster you need to run – it will instantly kill you if it gets its hands on you.

It’s still very early in development, but as a proof of concept, Ash Pines is very strong. The pixel artwork is excellent, the puzzles are well thought out, the story is intriguing and the way the monster can randomly pop up is very unsettling. By the end you’ll be dying to stay a little longer in this motel from hell.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Ash Pines Prototype Here (Windows)