Ashen Knights: One Passage – Prologue Download

Ashen Knights: One Passage is a top-down action adventure where you play as two characters with two very different playstyles – souls-like & hack n’ slash.

A prologue to the upcoming Ashen Knights game, One Passage follows the story of two knights with totally different playstyles. Evelin is a skilled fighter who uses soulslike combat, with rolls, parries and tactical strikes. Primos on the other hand is a brawler who has a hack n’ slash combat style, complete with whirlwind attacks and a rage mode. Interestingly, the game seamlessly switches you between the characters, and areas of the world as you play.

Blending souls-like and hack n’ slash combat is a fun concept that works remarkably well, and you never have time to get bored of one play style or location. The visuals are beautiful and each character has a nice variety of moves to slice up enemies with. It’s a lot of fun and it’s particularly fun to unleash some carnage with Primos after playing carefully with Evelin for a while!

Download Ashen Knights: One Passage here (Steam)