Ashes – Alpha Demo

Ashes is a very stylish 3D action adventure that sees you growing bridges from plants and beating up creepy ash monsters that are corrupting the world.

In Ashes you take on the role of a musclebound herborist who has the ability to control plants. In the current demo this basically means that you can channel the power from crystals to grow plant bridges which allow you to progress through the game world (though it seems more herborist powers are planned for the full release). As well as your handy plant growing ability you’ll also have to use brute force to beat up the various ash monsters that are corrupting the world.

The current build of Ashes is still early in development so the gameplay is pretty shallow – limited to exploring the game world, building plant bridges and beating up ash monsters. The fusion of it’s 3D game world and 2D pixel art visuals are a delight to see in motion though and it’s an interesting place to explore. It shows a lot of promise – if the devs can add some deeper gameplay and better reasons for searching for secrets than just earning health pickups then this plant growing adventure could blossom into great game.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Ashes Alpha Demo Here (Windows & Mac)