Ashes to Gunpowder – Student Project Download

Ashes to Gunpowder Game Download

Ashes to Gunpowder is a stylish 2D top down shooter inspired by Eastern mythology in which you play a lone archer who sets out to cleanse a land that’s been corrupted by malicious spirits.

Taking around 20 minutes to complete, Ashes to Gunpowder offers a cerebral and tactical take on the top down shooter genre. The slow reload speed of your bow and arrow means that you have to make every shot count and you need to strategically use objects in the environment to your advantage. Light is a major factor in the game, with the light that’s emitted from the small lamps that are scattered around the game world capable of slowing down, disabling and even killing certain spirits.

It’s not the toughest of games (particularly once you unlock the healing power), but the combat is very enjoyable, the pixel art animation is excellent and it has a great sense of atmosphere. A short and sweet little top down shooter full of Eastern promise.

Download Ashes to Gunpowder Here (Windows)