ASHI WASH – Game Jam Build Download


ASHI WASH is a short and thoroughly disgusting first person pedicure game in which you have to use anti-fungal spray, a fly swatter, an ice pick and hedge trimmers to tidy up a grotesque giant foot that’s threatening to smash up your house.

A giant foot has appeared in your house and is going to smash all your shit if you don’t clean up the fungus, pick away the dirt, swat the flies and clip it’s gigantic overgrown toenails. This isn’t going to be a pleasant job, but needs must.  Around the house you have a fly swatter, an ice pick, hedge trimmers and anti-fungal spray that should do the job!

ASHI WASH was created during a short time period for the My First Game Jam: Summer Edition, so isn’t the most polished of experiences (it can be a little frustrating reaching the harder to reach areas higher up the foot), but it’s a fun and slightly disturbing way to spend a few minutes. We’d love to see ASHI WASH expanded on in the future (maybe the hand from Antbassador could pop around for a manicure), it’s a great concept and that giant foot is one of the most horrific things we’ve seen all year!

Note: To reach some of the harder to reach areas, you may have to jump ontop of the TV, then jump across to the top of the foot.

Check Out a Gameplay Video of ASHI WASH Here

Download ASHI WASH Here (Windows)