ASHIMEYAMA 足目山 – Game Jam Build Download

ASHIMEYAMA 足目山 is a beautiful and surreal experience that feels like you’ve stepped inside a PS1 styled Massive Attack music video as you wander around and reawaken a slumbering world.

Created by Moya Horror (creator of the excellent Sauna 2000), ASHIMEYAMA 足目山 is more of an interactive music video than a game, and sees you wandering among the ruins of a slumbering world accompanied by an excellent track by ▲Noisescape. You don’t interact with the environment, but as you make your way through the world color starts to return, the world looks more alive and some brightly colored clothes adorn your shambling zombie-like body (including a snazzy red scarf).

The gameplay is pretty basic, but it’s a beautiful and captivating little experience with striking visual design and a superb soundtrack. A fantastic little audio/visual experience well worth checking out.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download ASHIMEYAMA 足目山 Here (Windows & Mac)