Ashita – Prototype Download

Ashita is a stylish pixel art action adventure about a sword-wielding cat, inspired by early text-based adventure games and pre-Western Japanese movies.

In Ashita you take on the role of Miho, a sword wielding cat living in a Feudal Japan-esque land. There’s not a whole lot more in the way of narrative at the moment, but you have a mentor called Kyo and you seem to be acquainted with the titular Ashita.

The demo of Ashita is pretty short, but it introduces you to the combat system and some of the characters from the game. Combat requires timing and tactics, a little like the early 2D Prince of Persia games, with fights over in a few blows and mistimed attacks having dire consequences.

It’s too early to see where the story is going in Ashita, but it’s an interesting setting, the combat is fun and the pixel art style is excellent. A sword swinging feline adventure well worth keeping an eye on.

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Play The Ashita Prototype Here (Windows)