ASKE – Alpha Demo

ASKE is a fast paced old school FPS that draws inspiration from 90’s classics as you run ‘n gun through dungeons filled with freaky monsters.

Drawing inspiration from classics like Quake, Hexen and Unreal, ASKE is a fast paced first person shooter that delivers a welcome dose of old school run ‘n gun fun. In the current build of the game you can use a sword, an assault rifle, a plasma gun and a good old fashioned double-barrelled shotgun to blast your way through its dark monster-filled dungeons.

ASKE isn’t really trying to do anything new, which has its good points and it’s bad points. It does do a great job of recreating an authentic 90s FPS experience, but it doesn’t really update it for the modern day as well as games like Hell Hunt, DUSK and Ultrakill. It feels very much exactly like a 90s FPS, which is a blessing and a curse, but certainly worth checking out for a bit of old school run ‘n gun fun!

Download the ASKE Alpha Demo Here (Windows & Mac)