Asleep – Alpha Demo

Asleep is a stealthy 2D survival horror adventure where a young Brazilian woman finds herself trapped in her nightmares.

In Asleep you follow the adventure of Ana Lúcia – a young woman who’s so lost in her nightmares she can’t tell if she’s asleep or awake. There is one glimmer of light in the darkness that surrounds her, a young girl who Ana thinks she must save. However, freaky monsters haunt the nightmarish world and there’s the looming spectre of “him”.

The gameplay in Asleep is much like a 2D survival horror game, but with a focus on stealth rather than combat. You do find a flashlight that can help fend off some enemies (and attract others) and you can run for short periods of time, but on the whole you’re best off taking your time and avoiding contact with the monsters as much as possible.

The demo build of Asleep takes around 20 minutes to play through and although it does have some translation issues, it’s a pretty polished experience with a very tense atmosphere and high quality pixel art animation. The narrative is intriguing and it’s got some very tense moments as you try to sneak past the various monsters. A nightmarish survival horror adventure that won’t put you to sleep.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Asleep Alpha Demo Here (Steam)