Assassin – GameJam Build Download


Assassin, a gm(48) jam game, is a tough action platformer that puts you in the position of an assassin who is to kill leader of China: Kong Suku, in order to start a massive war.

This is not as easy as it seems, as there are many, many traps and guards keeping this leader safe. You must travel from floor to floor, killing off guards and dodging turrets, until you confront the ruler. Once he is dead, a massive nuclear war will start off, meaning more cash for you!  To shoot, the player is able to move your mouse to line up a shot. Guards will not run towards you unless you are in their line of sight, making it easy to shoot them from afar. If you get shot, however, you will die and have to restart the entire level.

As you get closer to the leader, turrets start to appear. These turrets track your movement and attempt to shoot you. Red guards also start to pop up, moving faster than the previous guards and shooting more often. Spikes start littering the ground. Grey guards are shielded with a bullet-proof vest that must be shot at and destroyed before killing the guard. To counter these new enemies, you are also able to find and wear the same bullet-proof vests, allowing the player to get hit twice before dying.

This game does get very hard, but it is oddly satisfying lining up a shot behind a block, then peeking out and shooting down a guard. Can you make it to the end of this challenging shooter and kill the man in blue?

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Download Assassin HERE (Win only)