Astra: Fading Stars – Beta Demo

Astra: Fading Stars is a beautifully animated 2D action adventure set in a world where the stars are being enveloped in darkness and you set out to fight the corruption that’s causing it.

In Astra: Fading Stars you have a powerful ability that springs from your soul, called the Astral Call, which you use to interact with the environment, parry attacks and fight enemies you encounter. As you explore the world you’ll meet hostile and non-hostile creatures (mostly hostile), discover secrets, upgrade your abilities and battle powerful bosses.

The 2D action platforming gameplay of Astra: Fading Stars isn’t particuarly groundbreaking, but the controls are responsive, the world is interesting and the pixel art animation is fantastic. A beautiful old school action platforming adventure that should offer a nice amount of replayability thanks to its randomized world and gameplay elements.

Download The Astra: Fading Stars Beta Demo Here (Steam)