Astrons – Tech Demo


Astrons is a fun adventure game where you explore strange alien terrain using vehicles which are created from scratch by you.

The Tech Demo is still early in development, but it allows you to build ships, edit maps, and take your creations out for a spin.  The ship building is pretty intuitive and fun, with you able to easily create all crafts of all manner of shapes and sizes.  And, depending on how well you’ve constructed your creation, driving and flying them around the maps is a pleasure.  You’re also able to drill through the terrain, using a rather odd looking multidirectional drill, burrowing deep into the planets core.

It’s a joy experimenting with various ship designs in the Astrons Tech Demo, and there are lots of additions planned for the full release, including multiplayer, story mode, hundreds of new gadgets and Steam Workshop support. It’s perfect for fun easily accessible vehicle building, like 2D LEGO, in space!

Update: Unfortunately the Astrons Tech Demo is no longer available