ASTROSWARM is a Sci-Fi tower defense FPS where you attempt to stave off hordes of zombified astronauts while waiting for your ship to prep for launch.

In ASTROSWARM you are a lone astronaut who travels to different planets to gather resources. However, the planets are filled with zombie astronauts so you need to erect defenses to keep them away from your ship until launch. You have a blaster yourself, which you can use to shoot the zombies, but you really need to erect and upgrade turrets to stand a chance of surviving. To do this you’ll need to mine resources while avoiding the zombie hordes. After each game you can also use your harvested metal to purchase permanent upgrades that will aid your fight.

It’s a very addictive game with a nice gameplay loop of blasting, mining and blasting. The power-ups you collect can transform you into a formidable fighting machine too, depending on how well you stack them. Meanwhile, the retro aesthetics look great and help to give the game a very cool retrofuturistic style. Highly recommended.

Download The ASTROSWARM Beta Demo Here (Steam)