Athanasia – Alpha Demo

Athanasia is a retro styled horror FPS with immersive sim elements, where you battle time travelling dinosaurs and prehistoric beasts in a mysterious facility.

In Athanasia you are a researcher and explorer who has been called out to investigate a secret facility in South America. You soon find that most of the staff are dead and the facility is overrun with prehistoric creatures It seems that they’ve been messing around with time-travel without foreseeing the consequences.

The immersive sim FPS gameplay in Athanasia is a little reminiscent of System Shock/Deus Ex, with multiple ways to approach situations and large multi-path environments. Craftint and inventory management come into play and there are often non-lethal ways to deal with/avoid enemies.

At the moment the level design is a little rough, with repetitive areas and furnishings that can make it feel a little procedurally generated at times. Aside from that though, it’s a promising game. It’s nice to have a retro FPS that requires a little thought and it’s always fun to blast dinosaurs!

Download the Athanasia Alpha Demo Here (Steam)