Atlas: Groundbreaking Adventures – Alpha Demo

Atlas: Groundbreaking Adventures is a stylish isometric action RPG adventure with roguelike elements, in which you use your power to control the ground to explore its procedurally generated game worlds.

In Atlas: Groundbreaking Adventures you take control of Atlas, a strange blue creature with the ability to shape the world around him. He’s on a quest to reach the top of a mountain to discover who he is, but must start at the bottom of the mountain in each run. To help reach the top of the mountain you’ll complete quests in procedurally generated game worlds, allowing you to upgrade your weapons and aid your progress.

The current Alpha Demo Build of Atlas: Groundbreaking Adventures features a large amount of content, with a tutorial area, a village that serves as a hub world and three different procedurally generated game areas (The Beach, The Mine and The Forest) each with their own unique quest. It’s a fun game, not least thanks to your nifty ground manipulation abilities, which allow you to create stairs, create walkways between gaps and create walls to use as barriers. The combat is fairly simple, but enjoyable, with you able to attack from range or use melee attacks. It can take a little time to whittle down your enemies energy though so a lot of the time you’re best off trying to knock your enemies off the land and into the water/lava/ravine where they’ll die instantly.

Atlas: Groundbreaking Adventures really impresses with it’s excellent visual style, easily accessible combat fun and interesting game world to explore. The ground manipulation abilities are especially fun to play around with and give you lots of freedom to explore the game world. A very promising ground shifting action RPG adventure well worth checking out.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Atlas Alpha Demo Here (Windows – Control Pad Recommended)