Atlas Reactor – Open Alpha

Atlas Reactor game

Atlas Reactor is a super slick blend of DOTA and X-Com that pits teams of players against each other in fast paced, spectacle-filled matches with an innovative simultaneous turn based combat system.

Players choose from a selection of heroes and in simultaneous turn based matches of up to 5v5. Each turn has two stages – the ‘Decision Mode’ and the ‘Resolution Mode’. In Decision Mode all the players, lay traps, dash, plan attacks and lock in their movement. Once all the players have made their decision everyones movements play out in one sequence – with types of actions given priority over others (lay traps first, then dash, then attack, then movement).

It’s an impressive game, with great visuals, a great sense of character and a very clever combat system with lots of depth. Planning and working together as a team is the key to success, with the game allowing for a wide variety of team-based tactical strategies – such as one player laying a trap and another player knocking an enemy into it. Superb, slick and strategic simultaneous turn based combat.

Download The Atlas Reactor Alpha Here

Thanks to Willam Hart for informing us of this Beta!