Ato – Beta Download

Ato is a beautifully animated 2D action platforming metroidvania adventure set in Feudal Japan, where you solve environmental puzzles, discover secrets and duel with members of a clan who kidnapped your child.

In Ato you take control of an anthropomorphic samurai whose child has been kidnapped by an evil clan. You must now set out and explore the beautiful, tranquil world set in Feudal Japan, unlock new skills and use them to overcome obstacles and defeat each member of the clan.

Considering you’re a samurai on a quest for vengeance, Ato is a surprisingly chilled out and peaceful experience the majority of the time. The only combat takes place during the one-on-one duels with the clan members you come across, so the rest of the time you’re free to explore at your leisure. The beautiful visuals make it a very pleasant place to explore and the world is packed full of secrets to discover, often with secret rooms hidden within secret rooms!

It’s a great game with a vibrant game world, beautiful pixel art animation and lots of secrets to discover. Keeping the combat limited to the clan member duels is a great touch, which helps give the game a very tranquil atmosphere, while also making the duels feel more personal and engaging. Highly recommended.

Download The Ato Beta Here (Windows)