Atomic Heist – Beta Download

Atomic Heist Game Download

Atomic Heist is a very tough blend of 2D space shooting and roguelike dungeon crawling in which you blast enemies and collect power-ups and stackable upgrades, as you infiltrate procedurally generated space stations to prevent them from building a doomsday device.

Atomic Heist looks like an old school top down twin-stick space shooter, but the gameplay much more resembles a that of a dungeon crawling roguelike. With each new run you explore a new procedurally generated (or daily generated) space station, blast a variety of deadly enemies and collect power-ups to upgrade your arsenal. It features unlockable ships, a nice selection of different weapon types, and a choice of three stackable modifiers at the end of each level that can enhance your ship, weaken the enemy or modify loot drops.

You can’t approach Atomic Heist as a twin-stick arcade shooter, ammo runs out quickly if you hold your finger on the fire button and it doesn’t take many hits to send you to your grave. You have to be a bit more strategic and methodical as you creep your way around the levels blasting your way to the ship’s core. It’s a tough, but very addictive game. Well worth checking out for some intense roguelike space blasting.

Download The Atomic Heist Beta Here (Windows)