Atomic Janitor – Game Jam Build

Atomic Janitor is a fun little Chu Chu Rocket-esque puzzle game where you try to build conveyor systems to safely dispose of nuclear waste.

Taking place in a distant future where Earth is laden with nuclear waste, Atomic Janitor sees you taking on the role of an intern janitor who is tasked with safely transporting barrels of it around a warehouse. The barrels travel atop robotic carrier drones which will move forwards if they can and turn right if they hit anything. You need to place direction pads on each level in such a way that the barrels are all safely transported to the appropriate receptacles.

It’s a simple looking, but surprisingly tricky little puzzler that can require a little trial and error as you try to optimise your transport systems. In each level you only have a few direction pads so placing them where they’re most effective is critical. You may want to wear some protective equipment though – there’s going to be some spillages!

Download Atomic Janitor Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)