Attack from Outer Space – Tech Demo

Attack from Outer Space is a short and stylish B-movie giant alien robot simulator where you walk down a miniature movie set high street causing carnage with your laser beam eyes.

Created as a little real-time Ray Tracing tech demo by Christian Hecht, Attack from Outer Space is a fun little game where you control a large Iron Giant-esque robot as it clomps down the high street of a minature B-movie movie set. The gameplay is pretty simple – you just walk backwards and forwards with the left stick and aim your laser beam eyes with the right stick and press the right trigger to fire.

There’s no real objective and no way to fail but it’s great fun wrecking the street with your lasers. Whether it runs well will depend on your graphics card but it looks fantastic (even without the ray tracing effects) and it nails the cheesy Sci-Fi B-movie vibe it’s going for.

Check Out a Gameplay Trailer With Ray Tracing Effects Here

Check Out a Gameplay Video Without Ray Tracing Effects Here

Download Attack from Outer Space Here (Windows – Requires Control Pad)