Attack of the Evil Poop – Alpha Demo

Attack of the Evil Poop is a super silly and incredibly gross first person combat game where you fight massive sentient turds who really don’t want to be flushed!

in Attack of the Evil Poop your character has just taken a bunch of medicine to make himself slimmer. Unfortunately the medication has messed with your digestive system, causing you to pooping out massive sentient poops who put up a real fight before you can flush them down the toilet. These strange poops don’t really want to be doomed to a life in the sewer – and they seem to be too big to flush anyway. So you must grab what’s around you and start beating them down.

To succeed in flushing those poops you’ll want to be mindful of the environment around you – you can end up doing serious damage to the toilet and other furniture in the bathroom, destroying them completely. This poop also fights back, so you will need to dodge attacks and try to get hits in while they don’t expect it. As time goes on, you’ll find reinforcements coming through the walls – more shit to deal with!

There are various goals that you’ll need to make to pass the level, like not breaking things around you and not taking too much damage. As you bash away at the enemies within the game, corn and other items can fall down for collecting. You do end up doing a bunch of button smashing, but it’s worth it to finally flush that thing away from you. Occasionally, people might talk to you, so you’ll have to reply with an excuse as to why you are in the toilet for so long.

It really isn’t the most highbrow of games and the whole thing is really just one big toilet gag, but it’s pretty funny (if you like toilet humor), the gameplay is fast and frantic and there’s a nice selection of turds to deal with. It’s good shit.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Attack of the Evil Poop Alpha Demo Here (Windows)