Attack of the Jar Jar Clones – Game Jam Build

Attack of the Jar Jar Clones is a super silly low poly hack and slash game that celebrates the true stars of The Last Jedi, as you slice and dice your way through an army of Jar Jar clones using a Jedi Porg!

Set in an alternate Star Wars timeline in a galaxy far far away, Attack of the Jar Jar Clones allows you to take control of an adorable ass kicking Jedi Porg as it does battle with thousands of evil Jar Jar clones. The Republic have accidentally cloned Jar Jar Binks instead of Jango Fett when attempting to create their clone army and have now unleashed a truly terrifying horde of gibbering CGI monstrosities. It’s up to one lone Jedi Porg to set things straight…

Your cute little dual-Lightsaber wielding Porg is very easy to control, with you simply using the WASD buttons and Spacebar to move then mashing any other keys on the keyboard to pull off your badass Jedi attacks. The Jar Jars attack in waves, with waves often having different objectives – such as not allowing any Jar Jars to escape or slaying the giant Jar Jars that bumble through the battlefield.

It’s a fun game that’s easy to pick up and play, but can be quite hard to beat. The Jar Jars are as irritating as ever, which makes slicing through them with your Jedi Porg so much fun, and the Porg looks absolutely adorable with its little Lightsabers – if there isn’t a Jedi Porg in the next Star Wars movie then Disney’s missing a trick!

Download Attack of the Jar Jar Clones Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)