Attack of the Labyrinth – Beta Demo

attack the labyrinth 1

Gauntlet dungeon-crawling, radial-shooting, co-op, treasure-grabbing all wrapped into one. In beta and it’s already an explosive game.  Attack of the Labyrinth puts you in the role of either a knight, wizard, archer, or a dragon, where you and three others can blast through a dungeon run together, busting up enemies, grabbing upgrades, shopping from stores in real time (right in the middle of battle), and finding keys to unlock the next area.

Timedrop Studios are currently running the marathon, getting Greenlit on Steam and funding their game through beta purchase. The demo is free to play, or if you’re feeling generous, the beta is a mere $5 and will go toward adding more features to the game. There is already an addictive gameplay system built, and there’s room for so much more to be added if the support is provided. This title will keep you playing for a while as it is, but one can’t help but imagine more classes, worlds, items, and upgrades that could be added to later updates. Timedrop Studios is running an awesome operation here that will keep you and your friends screaming at each other and destroying everything in your path.

Play as a Knight who has a wider attack range, or a Wizard with area focus fireballs. You could try out the Archer whose arrows aren’t half bad and shoot in a straight trajectory in eight directions. If you’re a power player, you’ll want the dragon whose close combat is tough to beat, but even more deadly is its fire breath that does max damage. This game will find a way into your heart if you’re a Legend of Zelda fan, or if you’re familiar with Square Enix’s (or Square as it was back in the day) Mana series.

UPDATE: This Beta Is No Longer Available