Attack on Kitten – Alpha Download

Attack on Kitten game

Attack on Kitten is a charming pixel art action platforming adventure that draws inspiration from Mega Man and Super Metroid, in which you play a knight who collects magical cats that transform into weaponry and equipment that aid you fish fighting quest!

Cat and fish have never been the best of friends (possibly due to the fact that cats are particularly fond of eating fish), but in Attack on Kitten things have come to a head with Xerxes the Goldfish leading an army of loyal fish with an aim of crushing his feline adversaries. Enter you, Kat the rookie Cat Knight who sets out to save her beloved kingdom from the wrath of the fish.

The gameplay in the The Attack on Kitten Alpha build feels a little basic at the start, but things soon improve once you get your hands on a few of the magical cats. These cats not only look super cute when they follow you, but they also transform into weaponry and equipment at the push of a button – so one may turn into a powerful sword (Excalipurr) or another will transform into dash boots (Pushin’ Boots).

Attack on Kitten may not exactly revolutionise the action platforming genre, but it certainly impresses with it’s excellent pixel art animation, fun sense of humor and adorable cat-based weaponry. A fun slice of feline retro arcade action well worth checking out.

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