Attack On Titan Tribute Game – Alpha Download

Attack On Titan Tribute Game

Attack on Titan Tribute Game is (as the title suggests) is a fan made tribute to Attack on Titan.  Developed by the talented Fenglee, it’s a fun game that pits agile humans and huge titans against each other in brutal and bloody combat.

Once you’ve completed the Tutorial (which is recommended) you can play as a variety of titans or humans in a mixture of maps in single or online multiplayer modes.  Playing in single player is a blast, and great for learning the ropes, but multiplayer is where the real fun is.

The titans are fun to mess around with, but it’s far more fun playing as the super-agile grappling hook swinging humans.  The titans are pretty tough to bring down as they only have one weak spot – the back of the neck – which you must use your grappling hooks to climb up to.  Hit the sweet spot and the titan will fall, but be careful – they can crush you into a bloody pulp in one mighty blow.

Still a work in progress, the Attack on Titan Tribute Game still has a few rough edges, but it’s still great fun swinging through maps and battling massive titans – especially if you’re a fan of the Manga series.


It’s recommended that you play through the Tutorial, as there are quite a few moves to master.

To exit the Tutorial press ‘P’ and quit to the main menu, then you’re free to choose your map and character.

There are 3 different camera types to experiment with – we found ‘TPS’ to be the easiest to use.

Play the Alpha in a Unity Supported Browser HERE

Download the Alpha HERE (Slightly more fully featured than the Browser version)

4 thoughts on “Attack On Titan Tribute Game – Alpha Download”

  1. Wow I remember playing this game years back, it cant only be in beta o.O unless someone stole it and said it was their game

    • As far as we can tell it’s still in development. Whether it ever gets out of Alpha/Beta is another matter – the games development seems to be going pretty slowly! :)

      • ahhh right haha, I remember finding this game when I was in school. I thought it was completed back then as nothing had been said from the devs nor did any updates get implemented to the game

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