Atum – Student Project

Atum game

Atum is very clever first-person 2D platformer where you play the player playing the player in a platformer.  Confused?  Good!

As you play through the 2D platformer on your computer, you use real world elements to assist the player that you’re playing – like using a lighter to light up dark areas in the game.  It’s great fun experimenting with items in your environment, seeing what can assist your little white man, and it would also be a perfect fit for Oculus Rift if the developers ever decided to enhance it.

It’s a very cool, innovative, and fun idea, using the concept of multi-layered gameplay to combine point-and-click mechanics with platformer puzzles.  So go on, play the player playing the player in a…..  Just play it!

Play Atum in a Unity Supported Browser HERE