Aube – Student Project Game

Aube is a very stylish top-down action adventure that sees you exploring a mystical Hyper Light Drifter-esque world, discovering secrets, solving puzzles and battling enemies in fencing-style combat.

Aube is set in a mystical futuristic world where its inhabitants once created powerful metallic beings to help guide their civilisation. All went well for many generations, with the metallic guardians being fair and righteous, eventually becoming worshipped as gods. One after another they ruled over the world, bringing happiness and prosperity to its inhabitants. However, one of the metal gods became corrupt with power, burned the world to ashes and now waits for his successor to come and face him. Will you put an end to his wrath?

In Aube you take on the role of a lone warrior as he travels through the ruins of a once great kingdom. There are still some friendly people living in nomadic settlements, but most most of the inhabitants you meet whilst travelling the world are hostile, with you doing battle in 1v1 fencing-style combat that requires precise timing of blocks and attacks. As you progress you’ll learn new skills, discover secrets and solve puzzles, with you travelling through areas of the world using teleportation gates that require you to navigate teleportation tunnels at high speed.

Aube isn’t perfect, it is a little buggy and a manual zoom in/out function would be a big help whilst trying to find your way around the game world (as it always feels like it’s zoomed in a little too much). The artwork, animation and world building are all superb though and the fencing style combat allows for satisfying skill-based battles with adversaries. A beautiful and mystical adventure well worth embarking on.

Note: There are some game-breaking bugs that may cause you to get stuck, but you can reload or skip to the next level by using the 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 & 0 keys.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Aube Here (Windows)