Australian Foreign Policy Simulator 2014 – Game Jam Build


Australian Foreign Policy Simulator 2014 is a fun five minute RTS that sees you defending your shores from foreign invaders who want to eat your pies!

This wonderfully tongue-in-cheek foreign policy simulator allows you to control your troops on the coastline of Australia. You give each member of your team a job by selecting a building and they’ll do that job until the end of the game. You can create farmers to make pies, missionaries to convert any immigrants that make it to your shores into workers, prison wardens to hold any unwanted immigrants and soldiers to blast the incoming boats out of the water.

You start with 3 workers, which obviously isn’t enough to defend your pies from the large influxes of immigrants, so you’ll have to let some in, convert them and give them jobs. It’s a fine balancing act though, the more you let in, the more mouths to feed, and the more pies will be consumed.

Australian Foreign Policy Simulator 2014 isn’t meant as an insult to anyone, it’s merely a parody – and a very good parody it is too, from the challenging and surprisingly deep gameplay mechanics, to the superb synth version of Waltzing Mtilada that plays over it.  A short, silly and surprisingly strategic micro RTS.

Download the Australian Foreign Policy Simulator HERE (Win, Mac & Linux)