Tech Support: Error Unknown – Beta Demo

Tech Support: Error Unknown is a narrative driven cell phone tech support simulator where all is not what it seems as you unravel a conspiracy and deal with your own personal problems while also dealing with customers.

In Tech Support: Error Unknown you take on the role of a newly appointed tech support specialist working for a large telecommunications company. The game plays out via … Read More

Rhythm Hunter – Prototype Download

Rhythm Hunter features an innovative blend of rhythm action and on-rails shooter gameplay as you shoot monsters in time with the music to do maximum damage.

In you swoop around a city in a helicopter, armed with a big gun you can aim with the mouse, a little like the Sega arcade classic Gunblade. However, instead of taking out a small army of bad … Read More

Njorbs – Student Project Game

Njorbs is a high speed bug racing game with an innovative control scheme that feels a little like Sonic, but with a cool grappling hook ability that allows you to swing around corners.

In Njorbs you control nimble little bugs as they hurtles around twisty WipEout-esque futuristic gravity defying tracks. The little bugs are very agile and responsive, with a running, jumping and … Read More