The Vrennman Case – Alpha Demo

The Vrennman Case is a wonderfully witty adventure game that sees you and the ghost of your newly deceased companion solving puzzles and uncovering the secrets of a demonic cult.

In The Vrennman Case you take control of John and Ellen, freelancing ghost-hunters whose investigations have taken them to the Vrennman Mansion – a place filled with dark magic and darker secrets. While investigating the … Read More

Cluttered Mind – Game Jam Build

Cluttered Mind is a freaky little experimental puzzler that sees you interacting with a demonic face, with each mini-puzzle you solve adding more grotesque features to the face.

Cluttered Mind is a short and stylish toy-puzzle, in which you experiment with the different parts of a monstrous face to solve puzzles. Each mini-puzzle that you solve adds another layer of features to the face, slowly … Read More

Clippy’s Awakening – Game Jam Build

Clippy’s Awakening is a fun little dungeon crawling desktop adventure that sees the paperclip assistant from Microsoft Office searching through files, learning skills and battling enemies as it attempts to clean up the hard drive of a long forgotten PC.

Playing out in a faux Windows 95 desktop, Clippy’s Awakening sees you taking control of Clippy, the helpful (and annoying) paperclip assistant from Microsoft Office. … Read More