Antonblast – Kickstarter Demo

Antonblast is a wonderfully chaotic 2D pixel art action platformer where a demolition worker goes on a wrecking rampage against the hordes of Satan.

Featuring a pixel art visual style inspired by the Game Boy Advance, Antonblast is a fast, fun and carnage-filled 2D action platformer. In the game you take control of a destruction worker called Dynamite Anton, as he sets out for vengeance … Read More

Push Up High – Alpha Download

Push Up High is a very weird Getting Over It with Bennet Foddy inspired rage-inducing first person physics-based platformer where you flap your arms about to propel you through the environments.

In Push Up High you control your character entirely with the mouse. You’re a TV with two big blue arms sticking out in front of it and when you move them mouse up and … Read More

Bloodless – Tech Demo

Bloodless is a very stylish pixel art action adventure where you use counter-attacks to disarm your enemies and make them run away.

Drawing inspiration from Hyper Light Drifter, in Bloodless you’re a ronin who doesn’t actually kill her opponents and doesn’t even use a weapon. As you make your way through the beautiful Feudal Japan inspired world, enemies will try to attack you, but … Read More

Forlorn – Beta Demo

Forlorn is a beautifully animated pixel art action adventure where a lone survivor fights their way through a world overrun by machines.

Taking place in 2 million years A.D., Forlorn sees you taking control of a mysterious protagonist who awakens from a cryotank into a desolate world destroyed by machines. You then set out into the world, grab a gun and start blasting your way … Read More

Storyteller – Beta Demo

Storyteller is an inventive puzzle game where you place characters and backgrounds into comic-panels to allow you to tell different stories.

Currently in development by Daniel Benmergui, creator of Fidel Dungeon Rescue, Storyteller is a puzzle game where you create stories through a series of comic book panels. In each level you are given a selection of backgrounds and characters, then you place them … Read More