The Excrawlers – Alpha Demo

The Excrawlers is a beautifully animated roguelite action RPG where you use a sword and bow to battle your way through dungeons filled with monsters and madness.

In The Excrawlers you take control of a lone female warrior who slices her way through procedurally generated forests and dungeons. You start out very underpowered, but as you progress you level up, equip powerful runes and at … Read More

Piepacker – Open Beta

Piepacker is a browser based multiplayer gaming platform that allows players to easily meet up and play a selection of over 60 classic retro games together.

The problem with a lot of retro games is that they were always the most amount of fun when playing with (or against) friends. It was always more fun when you could see your buddy’s face when you obliterated … Read More

VVV – Student Game Download

VVV is a spectacle-filled run n’ gun FPS that draws inspiration from 90’s action movies as a time-traveller blasts his way through hordes of Romans!

Created by students of ArtFX School, VVV is a short and bombastic FPS where you are sent back in time to fix the time-tampering of a malevolent organisation that’s given advanced technology to the Romans. You now need to blast … Read More

They Are Here: Alien Abduction Horror – Alpha Demo

They Are Here: Alien Abduction Horror is a first person horror adventure that follows a journalist as he investigates reports of alien sightings and abductions at a backwoods farm.

In They Are Here you take on the role of a journalist who is investigating some unexploained phenomena at a place called Grayswood Farm. According to reports the animals have been acting crazy, the farmer’s dog … Read More