Pinball Spire – Beta Demo

Pinball Spire is a pinball-based metroidvania where you bump, shoot and flip your way through a huge tower made of pinball tables.

In Pinball Spire you are a little sentient pinball called Pip who has dared to explore a strange spire that mysteriously appeared overnight. The entire spire is essentially a massive labyrinthine pinball table and you’ll need to flip your way through it as … Read More

63 Days – Beta Demo

63 Days is a Commandos-esque real-time tactics adventure where resistance fighters in Poland fight back against the Germans in WWII.

In 63 Days you will follow the story of some brothers in arms as they bring the fight to the Germans. Warsaw has been invaded and large parts of it have been destroyed, but your team know the city inside out and will use … Read More

The Big Catch: Tacklebox – Prologue Download

The Big Catch: Tacklebox is a slick low poly 3D platforming adventure with a focus on tight expressive player movement as an acrobatic fisherman sets out to save a restaurant.

A standalone prologue to the upcoming The Big Catch game, Tacklebox is a classic N64 era inspired 3D platformer where a fisherman attempts to catch tasty ingredients for a struggling restaurant (called The Big Catch). … Read More

The Vigilante Diaries – Beta Demo

The Vigilante Diaries is a Choose Your Own Adventure style narrative-driven role-playing game where a masked vigilante sets out to clean up the streets.

In The Vigilante Diaries you are an army vet who has returned home to find his home city ravaged by crime and corruption. He decides to slip on a mask and set out to do something about it, and you experience … Read More

Looped – Beta Demo

Looped is a surreal hand-animated interactive adventure where two lovers get trapped in a time-loop.

Based on the short story of the same name, in Looped you follow the story of two lovers whose love is so powerful that it opens a wormhole through time. They’re now trapped in a time-loop and need to find a way out of it. Their story will take them … Read More