Narwhal Heist – Beta Download

Narwhal Heist is a funny and challenging physics based stealth puzzle platforming adventure where a narwhal where a Narwhal goes on a stealing spree to pay for a $5,000,000 ransom.

In Narwhal Heist you take on the role of a secret agent called Wally the Narwhal who has a knack for breaking into buildings and stealing stuff (despite his rather cumbersome size). Unfortunately your arch … Read More

SOLUM – Student Game Download

SOLUM is a tense zero gravity Sci-Fi horror game where an astronaut tries to survive in the remains of a spaceship that’s been infested with a shadowy alien entity.

In SOLUM you take on the role of an astronaut who awakens to find that their ship is powered down and critically damaged. Dead bodies float through the corridors, your ship’s AI is struggling to cope … Read More

Six Cats Under – Game Jam Build Download

Six Cats Under is a charming little point and click puzzler where a recently deceased cat lady uses her poltergeist powers to find a way of rescuing the cats that are locked in her home.

At the very start of Six Cats Under you die. You’re not too upset about it, but you are worried about your MANY cute little cats that are trapped in … Read More

Card Hog – Beta Demo

Card Hog is an addictive hand drawn roguelite dungeon crawler where a little pig battles their way through card-based dungeons full of loot, traps and weird monsters.

Currently in development by Aur, creator of the excellent Iron Snout, in Card Hog you help a little pig as he fights his way through deadly card-based dungeons. In the current build there are two single-player modes … Read More

The Salt Order – Game Jam Build Download

The Salt Order is a very tense PS1 styled horror game where you lay lines of salt to temporarily protect you from tree monsters that have invaded your world.

Created for the Two Minute Horror Game, in The Salt Order you set out to close a breach between your world and an evil place called the Roots. The breach is locked away inside an old … Read More