Wahkan – Student Project Game

Wahkan is a beautifully drawn 2D physics based puzzle platforming adventure that sees you drawing structures to help make your way through a shaman’s mind.

In Wahkan you take on the role of a young native american who enters into the mind of your shaman to prove to the spirits that you are worthy of being his successor. The mind of your shaman is a … Read More

It’s Paper Guy! – Student Project Game

It’s Paper Guy! is an adorable physics based papercraft puzzle adventure in which you can chop up the game world as you solve puzzles, make friends and discover its many secrets.

We first featured It’s Paper Guy! back in January when it was a very short, but sweet prototype and were very impressed by it’s quirky art style and the way you could slice objects … Read More

Incredible Mandy – Beta Demo

Incredible Mandy is a stylish Ico-esque third person single player cooperative platforming adventure that sees you working alongside a giant robot to make your way through a floating fantasy world and save your sister.

Players may bounce off Incredible Mandy during the first 10 minutes as the controls are a little clunky and the combat is pretty basic – however once you start to … Read More