Be The Rocket – Kickstarter Demo

Be The Rocket is a charming and easily accessible flight sim inspired by Nintendo’s classic Pilotwings games, which sees you testing your precision flying skills in a Rocket Bucket, a stunt plane, a hang glider, a parachute and a rocket.

As in Pilotwings, Be The Rocket allows you to pilot an eclectic assortment of aircraft through the airs of a beautiful little island. The … Read More

Balancelot – Pre-Alpha Download

Balancelot is a fun little unicycle jousting oddity that plays a little like Trials on a unicycle with a touch of Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy-esque physics based frustration.

In Balancelot you control a lowly squire who really wants to take part in the kingdom’s jousting tournament. Unfortunately he’s too poor to afford a horse, but he has managed to get his hands … Read More

Tale of Toast – Open Alpha

Tale of Toast is a cheerful old school MMORPG that allows players to enjoy tactical combat, procedurally generated dungeons, charming visuals and high stakes open world PvP.

Set in the colorful land of Astaria, Tale of Toast offers players an easily accessible and joyful MMORPG experience with core gameplay that draws from classic old school MMORPGs. It features satisfyingly tactical combat, an open ended character … Read More