Venineth – Beta Download

Venineth is a beautiful explorative open world Sci-Fi physics-based puzzle platforming adventure where you pilot a Monkey Ball-esque ball through expansive planets, moons and alien megastructures.

In Venineth you control a large metallic ball as it rolls through a variety of alien landscapes containing mysterious alien technology and all linked together by large hub world. It’s a ball-rolling platforming adventure but it’s more focused … Read More

Dolce – Student Game

Dolce is a cheerful and charming 3D rhythm platforming adventure about a cute little kiwi who tries to climb high enough through a musical world to see his mother in Heaven.

Created by students of the DigiPen Institute of Technology, Dolce is a wonderful little musical platforming adventure where the all the plantlife and animals in the game world moves in time with (and helps … Read More

Little Misfortune – Beta Demo

Little Misfortune is a beautifully animated narrative-driven dark fairy tale adventure from the creators of Fran Bow, which follows an adorable 8 year old girl who is going to die.

In Little Misfortune you follow the story of a young girl called Misfortune who has an incredibly optimistic and cheerful outlook on life. She loves glitter, playing in her hiding spot and drawing, and … Read More

Burning Daylight – Student Game

Burning Daylight is a beautiful and thought provoking Sci-Fi adventure that makes exceptional use of environmental storytelling as you make your way through it’s dystopian world.

Created by students of The Animation Workshop, Burning Daylight is a remarkable narrative driven adventure that tells its story via the world you walk through. The cinematic visuals, dystopian Sci-Fi atmosphere and camera angles are fondly reminiscent of InsideRead More