Crown Trick – Beta Download

Crown Trick is a beautiful hand drawn dungeon crawling roguelike adventure, that blends traditional tile-based synchronous turn-based movement with modern gameplay elements and a vast array of weapons, spells, traits and abilities to unlock.

Currently in development by NEXT Studios (creators of Metal Revolution), Crown Trick is a beautifully animated roguelike dungeon crawling adventure that sees you using magic and weapons to fight your … Read More

D Game – Game Jam Build

D Game is a stylish hand drawn point and click mini-adventure that revolves around taking a little time to unplug yourself from modern life to enjoy a little time in the sun.

Created by the talented Bits and Crafts (creator of T(rip) and noitanigami) whose work feels like a breath of fresh air in the point and click adventure genre, D Game is a … Read More

Tether – Pre-Alpha Download

Tether is an Event Horizon-esque Sci-Fi psychological horror adventure which follows a mother as she recalls her final conversations with her children, while she explores a spaceship whose crew have been struck my madness.

The dark Sci-Fi horror narrative of Tether takes place in a desolate Sci-Fi future where the Moon has been destroyed and has caused natural disasters to sweep the planet. You … Read More

Self Shot – Alpha Download

Self Shot is a very stylish and fast paced low poly first person shooter with platforming elements, where you venture into the depths of your consciousness and blast your negative emotions and fears.

Currently in development by Vadd Games, Self Shot is is a stylish first person shooter that follows a 17 year old girl called Ren, with the ability to dive into the depths … Read More