Silver Night’s Crusaders – Alpha Demo

Silver Night’s Crusaders is a beautifully animated side-scrolling arcade hack n’ slash Castlevania fan game that sees three unique protagonists attempting to conquer Dracula’s castle.

Created in OpenBOR, Silver Night’s Crusaders allows you to choose from a selection of three characters (Ethan Graymont, Francis Bloodrose and Sheeba Faulkner), then embark on a Castlevania based monster-slaying arcade romp. Each character has their own unique weapons and … Read More

The Blind Prophet – Kickstarter Demo

The Blind Prophet is a dark, bloody and stylish narrative driven point and click adventure where you take on the role of an apostle, sent on a mission by God to protect humans from the corruption of demons.

In The Blind Prophet you follow the story of Bartholomeus, an apostle who is on a divine mission to rid the world of the corruption of demons. … Read More

Face Your Fate – Student Project Game

Face Your Fate is a spooky and surreal third person puzzle adventure where you possess freaky looking crab creatures and jellyfish spirits as you guide a man to face his final judgement.

In Face Your Fate you don’t play as the main character in the game. Instead you accompany him and help lead the way as he makes his way through the afterlife to receive … Read More

Family Man – Steam Beta Key Giveaway

We have 5,000 Steam Beta keys to give away for Family Man, a Breaking Bad-esque narrative driven low poly open world RPG adventure that tests just how far you will go for the sake of your family.

First featured on Alpha Beta Gamer last August, Family Man is a first person narrative driven RPG adventure that puts you in the role of … Read More