YOKAIWARE is a WarioWare inspired game where you play through a collection of fast paced microgames, each inspired by a different Yokai legend.

The gameplay in YOKAIWARE is very similar to WarioWare, with you having three lives to make your way through each series of microgames. However, the microgames in YOKAIWARE aren’t randomized (so you know the order they come in), and each microgame … Read More

Project Kat: Paper Lily – Prologue Download

Project Kat: Paper Lily is a charming and creepy Anime styled RPG horror game where there are always multiple ways to solve puzzles as a schoolgirl attempts to carry out an occult ritual.

In Project Kat: Paper Lily you follow the story of Kat, a witty and intelligent schoolgirl who has an appetite for debunking myths and superstitions. She does this by performing any occult … Read More

Hypnagogia: Boundless Dreams – Beta Demo

Hypnagogia: Boundless Dreams is a beautiful retro styled first person exploration adventure where you journey through a collection of very different worlds set in dreams and nightmares.

A sequel to the excellent Hypnagogia, Hypnagogia: Boundless Dreams follows the events of the original and sees Gogi the dream rabbit kidnapped by a mysterious entity. Without Gogi around to protect the Dream Crystal it shattered and … Read More

Best Month Ever! – Beta Demo

Best Month Ever! is a beautiful, touching and hard-hitting narrative driven point and click adventure where a terminally-ill mother tries to pack a lifetime’s worth of mothering into four short weeks.

Taking place in the 1960’s, in Best Month Ever! you follow the story of a single mother called Louise and her eight year old son, Mitch. Louise is terminally-ill and has just one month … Read More

Fallen Aces – Beta Demo

Fallen Aces is a very stylish first person brawler where you punch, bludgeon, stab and shoot your way through dens of villainy in a corrupt crime noir city.

With gameplay inspired by classic 90’s FPS games (but with much more brawling) and a very slick comic book style, Fallen Aces makes you feel like the hero of your very own comic book. In the game … Read More