The Entropy Centre – Alpha Demo

The Entropy Centre is a Portal inspired narrative-driven first person Sci-Fi puzzle adventure where you use a talking entropy gun to solve puzzles and save the world.

In The Entropy Centre you find yourself in a mysterious abandoned space station around the orbit of Earth. It appears the station has been carrying out research into entropy/time manipulation and they’ve managed to create a talking entropy … Read More

Go Home Annie – Alpha Demo

Go Home Annie is a creepy narrative-driven first person horror adventure where you test out artificially recreated anomalies at an SCP facility.

In Go Home Annie you are a D class test subject who works at an SCP facility that focuses on attempting to artificially recreate genuine SCP anomalies. You often repeat the same tests over and over again, and last time it seems that … Read More

The Bunny Graveyard – Beta Demo

The Bunny Graveyard is a cute and creepy episodic pixel art horror adventure where a bunny uncovers a dark secret about her existence.

In the full game of The Bunny Graveyard you’ll follow the story of Skye, a young bunny who must overcome her fear of the dark as she searches for her missing brother in the streets of Carrot Town. The demo build of … Read More

Soda Powered Penguin – Beta Demo

Soda Powered Penguin is a fast and fun momentum-focused 2D platformer where a penguin strapped to a soda bottle zooms around vast levels packed with challenging obstacles and secrets.

Penguins may not be the most mobile of creatures on the land, but thanks to the latest in soda bottle technology you’ll be able to dash, double jump and smash your way through levels as fast … Read More

Astra: Fading Stars – Beta Demo

Astra: Fading Stars is a beautifully animated 2D action adventure set in a world where the stars are being enveloped in darkness and you set out to fight the corruption that’s causing it.

In Astra: Fading Stars you have a powerful ability that springs from your soul, called the Astral Call, which you use to interact with the environment, parry attacks and fight enemies you … Read More