Forever Dream – Student Game

Forever Dream is a beautiful little experience where you leave behind your earthly body and go on a surreal trip through the afterlife.

You start Forever Dream in your apartment. It’s quite a functional and drab place, with some interestingly named books and an empty calendar signifies that you don’t have much going on right now. The color palate during this first section of the … Read More

Vecter – Prototype Download

Vecter is a super fast paced high score chasing synthwave racing game with a catchy electronic soundtrack, challenging gameplay and gorgeous vector styled wireframe visuals.

In Vecter you control a futuristic anti-gravity racer as it hurtles down a vast neon-filled highway. In the horizon a graphic equaliser bounces around to the super cool synthwave soundtrack, but you may not have much time to admire it … Read More

REMOTE LIFE – Alpha Demo

REMOTE LIFE is a beautifully animated Sci-Fi horror shoot ‘em up where you blast your way to the center of a huge biomechanical alien mothership to stop it from destroying Earth.

In REMOTE LIFE you take on the role of an elite pilot called John Leone who has been sent on a mission to infiltrate a gigantic alien mothership and destroy it from the center. … Read More

Brickadia – Open Alpha

Brickadia is an online brick building game that essentially allows you to build anything you like using LEGO style blocks and play within large multiplayer sandboxes.

In Brickadia you can jump into online multiplayer sandboxes (or host your own) and build whatever you desire using an extensive selection of building tools. Visually and gameplay-wise the game is essentially a massive LEGO sandbox, allowing you to … Read More

Vagabond – Alpha Download

Vagabond is a beautifully animated narrative-driven Sci-Fi adventure with RPG elements, that tells three interweaving stories set in a distant future where mankind has fled to the stars to rebuild and survive.

In Vagabond you’ll follow the stories of a convict trapped in a doomed orbital prison, a V-POL detective in pursuit of a masked killer and a young scientist who is looking to forge … Read More