Horror Legends – Open Beta

Horror Legends is an asymmetric multiplayer horror game that draws inspiration from classic VHS era horror movies and pits three humans against one monstrous Horror Legend.

Currently in development by October Games (creators of Puppet Master: The Game), Horror Legends pits one big freaky monster against three humans. The current Beta build features one large map, one game mode, one Horror Legend and four … Read More

Evan’s Remains – Beta Demo

Evan’s Remains is a beautifully animated and cleverly designed narrative-driven puzzle platforming adventure where you search a mysterious island for a boy genius who’s been missing for years.

In Evan’s Remains you take control of Dysis, a young girl who is sent to a supposedly uninhabited island in search of Evan – a boy genius who as been missing for years, but has recently sent … Read More

Retrace – Game Jam Build

Retrace is a hand drawn little point and click puzzler where you attempt to change your fate of killing your wife by going back in time and reversing your actions.

Created by Tina Zong, Peter Huang, Sunny Pu, Wendy Wang and Sam Xu, Retrace starts with a scene of you kneeling over your wife’s dead body after you’ve just shot her. You are remorseful and … Read More

Curiosity – Student Project Game

Curiosity is a dark little first person Sci-Fi adventure where you take control of a drone that’s found life on an alien planet and is trying to send the data back home.

In Curiosity you control a research drone that’s been exploring the surface of a mysterious 9th planet that’s been discovered in the Solar system. You’ve been searching for years with no success. However, … Read More

SNAILS – Alpha Demo

SNAILS is a thoroughly bizarre PS1 styled 3rd person horror beat ‘em up where you control a seven year old girl who fights a horde of mutant snails from outer space.

In SNAILS you take control of Dora Ditze, a seven year old girl who is bedridden with flu, when all of a sudden hordes of alien snails invade the neighborhood and eat the majority … Read More