StellaGale: The Trials Of Faith – Beta Demo

StellaGale: The Trials Of Faith is a stylish hand-drawn 2D arena beat-em up where you set out to become a legendary Gladiator.

Taking place in a world that blends steampunk, the industrial revolution and the Roman Empire, StellaGale: The Trials Of Faith follows a young woman as she attempts to become the world’s strongest Gladiator. Guided by the spirit of a young boy, she enters … Read More

Age of Hell – Beta Demo

Age of Hell is a GZDoom powered retro RPG where a Crusader with a mighty hammer beats back the hordes of Hell.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer a couple of years ago, Age of Hell is an epic DOOM inspired FPS created by veterans of the DOOM modding community. The latest release features a very large (and totally new) level and a wide array … Read More

Chitin – Game Jam Build Download

Chitin is a short and intense creepy crawly horror FPS set in a building that’s infested with huge killer bugs.

Due to the time restraints of the game jam the game was created for, there’s not much in the way of a story in Chitin, but it essentially sees you trying to survive as you make your way through a bug-infested building. You have … Read More

Toy Shire – Beta Demo

Toy Shire is a charming tower defense game that’s played from the perspective of a kid playing with toy soldiers in his bedroom.

The core gameplay of Toy Shire is pretty similar to most tower defense games – you place and upgrade towers to prevent enemy creeps from reaching your base. However, it’s all played from the perspective of a young kid who is playing … Read More

ScareBNB – Alpha Demo

ScareBNB is a retro styled first person horror adventure where you need to solve puzzles as you attempt to stay in (and survive in) an Airbnb.

In ScareBNB you’ve used airbnb to rent a random house in the middle of nowhere for the night. Sure, it looks a little creepy, but what’s the worst that could happen? Interestingly the cabin doesn’t use keys to secure … Read More