Eclipse War Online – Open Beta

eclipse war online

Eclipse War Online is a new card collecting MMORPG with over 700 cards to collect and the ability for your character to transform into an monster in the game.

This transformation ability dramatically changes the game, with a selection of monsters that’s wide and varied, including Ent-style creatures, behemoths, sorcerers, ogres, insects and birds.  It’s an interesting gameplay mechanic, and means that there’s always a … Read More

Rubble N Strafe – Beta Download

rubble n strafe

Rubble N Strafe is an addictive side-scrolling arcade helicopter game with some wonderful pixel art and fast paced gameplay inspired by Harrier Attack.

After you’ve chosen your helicopter (Rubble or Strafe), you set forth into a 2D procedurally generated pixellated battlezone, blowing up things to an excellent soundtrack reminiscent of John Carpenter scores.  As in the old classic Chopper (NOT Flapppy bird – this … Read More