Treasure Adventure World – Alpha Demo


Treasure Adventure World is an impressive open world action adventure that feels a lot like a Zelda game transferred to a 2D metroidvania-style world.

In Treasure Adventure World, you must help Peep and his parrot find 12 ancient treasures which were once used to vanquish an evil demon.  To do this you’ll sail across the world, embarking on exciting adventures, discovering new weapons and … Read More

You Are A Hoverboard – Game Jam Build Download

You Are A Hoverboard

You Are A Hoverboard is a ridiculous hoverboarding game in which you do sick flips and show off your skills to earn enough cash for your moms hospital bill.

‘Bizarre’ doesn’t quire cut it when describing the gameplay of You Are A Hoverboard.  As you hover around the arena (with a large giraffe in the middle of it) pulling off flips and spins, a … Read More

Epic Random – Beta Download

epic random

Epic Random is a cool Doom-style retro FPS, set in an infinite random corridor, in which you collect random power-ups and blast randomly generated enemies.

Featuring fast, fun and challenging retro FPS action, you travel down the infinite corridor killing enemies, fighting enemies and filling up your ‘random bar’.  Starting off in a stark, black and white corridor, it soon morphs into a randomly … Read More

The Aquatic Adventures Of The Last Human – Alpha Demo

the Aquatic Adventure of the last human

The Aquatic Adventures Of The Last Human is an impressive subsea metroidvania that sees you exploring the ruins of earth after after an extinction event has wiped out the all humanity, and wildlife has reclaimed the planet.

You play an astronaut who has gone through a black hole and has been catapulted through time, crash-landed back on earth, and escaped into a submarine.  As you … Read More

I Can’t Escape: Darkness – Beta Sign Up

nt escape darkness

I Can’t Escape: Darkness is an exciting new first person procedurally generated dungeon crawling horror in which the dungeon is alive, and very much out to get you.

Being developed as a spiritual successor to the hugely popular I Can’t Escape on Newsgounds, I Can’t Escape: Darkness looks set to up the terror and trickery as you fend off the darkness in a vain attempt … Read More