The Cow Flew Over The Moon – Prototype

the cow flew over

The Cow Flew Over The Moon is a creepy and surreal first person experimental adventure game with a story based on the stimulus of dream interpretation.

The game has a foreboding atmosphere, with its vague narrative left open to the player’s imagination, giving half the story through the level progression and leaving the rest for the player to piece together by inspecting and interacting with … Read More

South Park VR – Tech Demo

South Park VR

South Park VR allows you to roam the streets of South Park in first person, either with a standard monitor of with an Oculus Rift headset for the fully immersive experience.

The town has a layout that will be familiar to anyone who has played The Stick of Truth, and all the South Park residents roam the streets ready with a quick sound-bite (Terrance … Read More

Radical Squad: Explosive Locomotive – Prototype

radical squad

Radical Squad: Explosive Locomotive is a fast paced puzzle adventure game that tasks you with disarming 5 bombs on a moving train under tight time constraints.

Bombs are disarmed in a variety of ways, all requiring experimentation, camera panning to spot critical objects, various different tools, brainpower, dexterity and a little luck.  It’s a tense game, and it’s fun trying to work out the various … Read More