Riders of Icarus – Open Beta

Riders of icarus beta

Riders of Icarus is a high-fantasy action MMORPG that transports players to a majestic world full of dragons, magic, and powerful enemies. You play as one of the Riders, a special subset of humans gifted with the ability to tame — and ride — fierce beasts.

Outside of the super-fun mechanics of collecting and riding creatures like horses, dragons, and magic horses, Riders of IcarusRead More

vridniX – Alpha Demo


vridniX is a quirky infinite-runner and platforming game where you play as a strange and grumpy creature named vridniX determined to prove his worth to the world — even if he has to destroy it in the process.

When the evil and terrible Trogogluxes attack vridniX’s home world and its inhabitants, vridniX takes it upon himself to find and activate the ultimate weapon to save … Read More

Return Of The Obra Dinn – Alpha Demo

return of the obra din download

Return Of The Obra Dinn is an elegant mystery game from Locas Pope, the creator of the indie hit Papers, Please, in which you’ll investigate the deaths of the passengers and crew aboard the Obra Dinn, using a mysterious pocket watch to relive the moments before their demise.

We previously covered a very early build of Return of the Obra Dinn a year and a Read More