The Misfits – Open Alpha

The Misfits is a stylish and streamlined multiplayer third person arena shooter that forgoes upgrades, exosuits and perks for fast paced, skill based kill-or-be-killed combat.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the closed AlphaThe Misfits features run n gun arena shooter fun that players can easily jump into and play. There are three character classes to choose from – Light (agile, weak … Read More

Crumble – Game Jam Build

Crumble is a very addictive little physics based platformer that sees you attempting to survive as cannon fire destroys the finely balanced environment around you.

At first glance Crumble looks like a normal ball-rolling platformer set in a low poly game world. However, a cannon is continually firing at you from a distance and when it hits the structure you’re standing on it soon becomes … Read More

Rebound – Game Jam Build

Rebound is a clever little isometric single player puzzler and multiplayer battle game that sees you navigating a hazard-filled isometric terrain with a little bouncing ball.

In Rebound you control a little ball that can hop one space or jump two spaces. In the single player mode you are tasked with navigating a series of challenging levels which involve you collecting keys and making your … Read More