Writer’s Block – Alpha Demo

Writer’s Block is a creepy and surreal point and click survival horror adventure in which jealousy rears its ugly head (literally) as your mental state manifests into nightmares and monsters.

In Writer’s Block you take on the role of a frustrated writer who has failed to earn any acclaim (or money) for his writing, whilst his lifelong friend has managed to write a trashy sci-fi … Read More

IOSoccer – Beta Download

IOSoccer (International Online Soccer) is a simple looking, but oddly enjoyable multiplayer soccer game that started life as a Half-Life mod and sees each player controlling an individual footballer on the pitch.

Originally released as a Half-Life mod 15 years ago, IOSoccer has since been ported to Source Engine and completely re-written, with new character models and a variety of new features. Don’t … Read More

Meow Wars – Open Beta (iOS & Android)

Meow Wars blends cats and cards as you assemble your team of Feling Ultra Rescue and Recognisance (FURR) agents and take down the evil Commander Catrat in card based battles inspired by War.

Coming to iOS and Android, Meow Wars is an easily accessible cat-filled card battler based on the classic game of War. It features a full campaign mode which sees you taking on … Read More

Skylanders: Ring of Heroes – Open Beta (Android)

Skylanders: Ring of Heroes is a mobile only reboot of Activision’s Skylanders franchise, which sees exploring the Skylands, collecting over 60 different Skylanders and using them in beautifully animated 3D turn-based battles.

Coming to iOS and Android devices (but with an Android only Beta), Skylanders: Ring of Heroes is a turn based RPG adventure that plays a little like Skylanders: Lost Islands, but with … Read More