Oma Lost – Student Project Download

Oma Lost

Oma Lost is a beautiful clockwork-based 2D Puzzle platformer in which you play an adorable little pillow who explores a world of giant cogs, winding up mechanisms in his quest to save his grandmother.

The puzzles in Oma Lost aren’t the most taxing, generally requiring you to wind up mechanisms and interact with giant clockwork gorillas, but the artwork, audio, animation and world design is … Read More

MIGHT – Beta Sign Up

MIGHT beta

MIGHT is an impressive multiplayer brawler with lush hand painted-styled visuals, that focuses on fair gameplay and easily accessible fun as players battle for dominance in fast paced arena combat.

MIGHT features a large variety of classes, each with their own play styles, but thankfully none are locked behind paywalls or grinding – they’re all unlocked right from the start. The only unlocks via gameplay … Read More